Choosing an International School in Bangkok: Does Student Population Really Matter?

As an expat, nobody possibly expects you to let your child school at a local, substandard school. And so, you too, shouldn’t settle for any ‘less-than-stellar’ institution and feel cozy about it. Even though you are now abroad, along with your family, make sure to choose an international school that teaches the kind of education you want for them. 

But even at that, there are a couple of aspects you shouldn’t ignore, key among them being how populated the school is. Class size plays a huge role when it comes to the quality of education the kid gets. And that’s why nearly every parent is attracted to small class sizes or low teacher-to-student ratio. 

Education reformers and researchers agree on smaller class sizes, but not without a caution! 

Lots of studies have been done on the effect class size, and student population has on the academic quality offered, how motivated students become, and their general social-emotional levels. Out of the majority of these studies, researchers found some valuable lessons for parents and teachers. 

First, experts suggest that parents ought to be cautious with how much emphasis they put on class size. According to them, the main aspect to focus on should instead be how qualified the teacher is. 

Teachers often prefer to teach in non-crowded classes because they will comfortably grant attention to every pupil at any given moment. It has been proven that students in eighth grade and above tend to perform more when studying in smaller classes. 

If you are now hunting for an international school in Bangkok, don’t consider how big the student population in a class is. So long as class sizes aren’t too large, go further and get to know how good teachers are instead. Remember, a great teacher almost automatically creates bright, brainy, and high-achieving students. 

But that does not mean bigger class size is undesirable

If you find a class with a moderate teacher-to-students’ ratio, and the teacher knows how to impart knowledge to the minds of the little ones, give it a go. Mostly, international schools with fewer kids tend to cost a lot more than what you could pay in another with an average ratio. 

Lastly, you can also let the kid’s ability dictate the type of school you enroll him or her in. For a smart kid who probably thrives in a competitive space, don’t fear to have him in not-so-small class size. But if the child tends to perform poorly in populated classes, better find a different school instead. 

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