A Comparison of Bangkok’s International Schools and Public Schools

Choosing the single most suitable school out of the wide range of options for your child can be quite the challenge. Here also comes the choice between local and international schools. In Bangkok, there is a sharp contrast between the two.

Languages and Medium
Thailand’s public schools are predominantly Thai, while the international ones have classes in English. This is a significant reason why expats prefer enrolling their children in Bangkok’s international schools rather than the local schools.

Thailand’s local curriculum is not internationally competent, with rote-learning and outdated education being at its core. This is why many people turn toward international schools in Bangkok as a higher-quality education alternative. These may offer American or British curricula, with some even having French, German, and Singaporean syllabi.

Tuition Fees
While education in local schools is free for all up to 13 years of age, Bangkok’s international schools charge hefty fees ranging anywhere between 80,000 to 1,000,000 per year.

Qualifications of the Teaching Staff
While most international schools in Bangkok employ highly qualified Western teaching staff with foreign education, public schools often lack in teaching quality due to the minimum wages they can offer their staff. 

Class Size
Public schools are generally overpopulated as compared to Bangkok’s international schools which only allow a select few students each year to maintain the quality of education and have a good teacher-student ratio. 

While the international schools in Bangkok offer state-of-the-art campuses, a plethora of learning resources, modern facilities, and a wide range of extracurricular activities and opportunities, the scene at the local schools is often not so. Due to lack of funding and the often outdated system, public schools are not able to match international standards.

International schools prioritize accreditation, being at least nationally recognized by ONESQA, and often internationally accredited by multiple organizations. Public schools often go ignored in this regard.

Student Body
Most expats often choose to study in international schools in Bangkok, as do those Thais who can afford this option. This leaves public schools mostly for those who cannot afford the heavy fees of international schools.

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