Why International Schools Should Organize Field Trips For Their Students

Learning doesn’t have to occur in a classroom setup. The learning process can take place just anywhere. One of the most effective ways for international schools in Thailand to engage their students is through field trips. Not only is it a fun way of learning, but it allows efficient learning. Family learning network encourages international schools in Thailand to organize educational field trips for their students. Here are the benefits of organizing a school field trip for your students.

Learners get to connect with the real world

Educational school trips provide learners with an opportunity to interact one on one with their environment. Whether you are taking your students to a museum, a farm or out in the mountains, the children get to connect what they are taught in the classroom and the “real world.”

Improved grades in exams

Field trips enhance knowledge retention. A learner can remember what they saw and experienced during a trip for longer when compared to recalling what they have been taught in the classroom. Through such real-life and hands-on experience of a specific subject, a child is even more likely to understand what they are taught way better. Such relevance helps them perform better during examinations.

Eradicates classroom monotony

Educational field trips are fun and exciting. Most students look forward to them. Learning during such field trips occurs naturally and without the pressure of being asked a question when it’s least expected.

Exposes learners to diverse cultural experiences

School trips, especially international ones, expose children to new environments and cultures. They can interact with other learners or locals on a global level, and this opens up their minds. They become more tolerant and respectful of others and can spot opportunities that they may not have been able to in their everyday environment.


School field trips give children a much-desired break in their daily routine. Learners look forward to them. Learning while outdoors appeals to different learning styles, which helps them succeed whether they are kinetic, visual or auditory learners.

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