Demonstrating impact

This page, in addition to the 'helpful documents' page, will help you to develop a holistic approach to fundraising. It includes information on 'monitoring and evaluation' and 'marketing, communications and branding' that will help you to capture the impact of your work and raise your profile with possible and existing funders and stakeholders.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation will capture the impact of your work by drawing together information that shows progress and demonstrates achievement of outcomes. This section includes monitoring and evaluation resources that will enable you to capture and present information to your selected audiences.

Introduction to monitoring and evaluation

Evaluation Resource Pack
Paul Hamlyn Foundation

This is a detailed pack to plan, develop and deliver evaluation. It describes different approaches and methods for gathering information.  

Your project and its outcomes (2007)
Charities evaluation services

This document explains terminology and jargons that will enable users to understand and identify outcomes.

Monitoring and evaluation on a shoestring (2011)
Charities evaluation services

This practical guide has been developed for voluntary and community organisations. It provides users with explanations of terminology, examples, description of what data to collect, and good practice in data collection.

Evaluation pathway
Evaluation Scotland Support

Evaluation Pathway is a website with a selection of guides for each stage of evaluation, including analysing and reporting.

Knowing what you do works: Measuring your own effectiveness with families, parents and children: a short guide
Family and Parenting Institute

Practical resource that develops an understanding of what, when and how to measure the impact of individual pieces of work with families, parents and children.

Tools for measuring impact

Social return on investment (SROI)
new economics foundation

This guide offers a framework for measuring and accounting for social, environmental and economic costs and benefits of the impact of your work, which financial management systems often do not take into consideration.

Warwick-Edinburgh mental well-being scale (WEMWBS)
NHS Health Scotland, University of Warwick and University of Edinburgh

Scale to assess positive mental health and well-being, which identifies thoughts and feelings.

Tools for gathering information

Survey Monkey
Survey Monkey is an online questionnaire tool with a Basic Free service that allows you to send up to 10 questions per survey to a maximum of 100 people each time. It enables users to design a survey, collect responses, and analyse results. It is easy to use and has detailed instructions and tutorials.

A guide to questionnaire design (2009)
Local Government Data Unit, Wales  

This guide was developed for public body staff that want to use questionnaires to evidence their work. It explains all the key features of a questionnaire design and there is a special focus on designing questions and formatting self-completion questionnaires. It is an introductory guide that is presented in an accessible format with all the guidelines summarised in two checklists in the appendices one and two.

Think Research (2008)
Research in Practice

Practical guide that provides an introduction to research and is designed for voluntary and community organisations that support vulnerable groups. It sets out principles for using research evidence to select and monitor services for vulnerable groups. The following two main areas are covered: How to use research evidence in service planning and selection and how to gather research evidence to monitor and evaluate your service.

Marketing, branding and communications resources

Fundraising involves engaging and building relationships with possible or existing funders from individuals to corporate companies so you can ask them for support with confidence.  The following information can be used to plan and deliver a strategy that will help you engage a variety of audiences.

Introduction to marketing, branding and communications

Introduction to marketing, branding and communications (2011)
National Family Learning Network

This short introduction video is an introduction to marketing, branding and communications. It will provide users an insight into how the three concepts are related.

Marketing support
Media Trust

This web page has information and video that will provide users with an introduction of marketing including the basic principles of marketing, why it is relevant for charitable organisations, and importance of developing key messages.

A guide to the 7 P's of marketing
Short and concise guidance on the '7 P formula' for an effective marketing strategy. The document is designed for voluntary and community organisations.

Online outreach tools
Hershey cause

Online or social media tools can enable organisations to reach out and engage more people.
This short guide provides a framework for exploring different online tools and looking at their strengths and limitations. It will help users choose appropriate tools that are suitable for their aims and capabilities.

Thinking Big: A guide to strategic marketing planning for arts organisations (2010)
Arts Marketing Association

This website provides a guide and worksheets for users to understand the basics of strategic marketing planning and create and implement a strategic marketing plan for your own organisation.


Communications toolkit: A guide to navigating communications for the nonprofit world
Hershey Cause

This comprehensive guide on communications is written to help non-profits develop and deliver a communications strategy. It explains key concepts of communications and will help you find the best approaches, messages and vehicles for reaching all of your key audiences.

Communicating impact

Storytelling: The first big thing (2011)
Network for Good

This is a comprehensive video on why and how to develop stories of your organisation’s work, including looking at the structure and qualities stories should convey.


Branding for the non-profit organisation
PG Resources

This web page explains the concept of brand and explains why it is relevant for voluntary and community sector organisations.

Brand master classes presentations
Idea Couture Inc

Seven sessions of detailed PowerPoint presentations on what is a brand and how it can be developed. The sessions include the following: What is a brand? Definitions and taxomonies and How are brands built? Managing brand meetings

Brand guidelines

This is an example of branding guidelines produced for a particular company and can be used as a guide to see what topics are covered in branding guidelines.